Biographies of the artists that have kindly donated work to our Secret Art Sale 2020.



Annabel Joan Bloxham
As well as the various academic institutions with which she has been associated her work has been exhibited at The Royal Academy, South London Gallery, Bankside Gallery, The Mall Gallery, Gallery, The Royal Festival Hall, Manchester Town Hall, Stanley Picker Gallery, Stables Gallery, Orleans House Gallery, The Landmark Centre, The Orange Tree Theatre Gallery, Riverside Gallery, The Royal Ballet School and abroad in Germany and Malaysia.
Tracy Ferriss

Tracy is a Homeopath and has a keen interest in pencil work and collage. She is a co-designer of the Homeopathic Tarot Deck and runs life drawing workshops in Hampton.


Melanie Honebone Melanie Honebone is a Wales-based fine artist. She describes herself as a renegade art experimentalist working through deconstruction and reconstruction. Often found objects are worked and reworked across multiple disciplines such as collage, clay, photography, and illustration. Recent themes have evolved her practice to include three dimensional mixed media art forms based on dolls, mannequins, and the human form.
Ann Kopka
Ann Kopka is a visual artist and curator. Ann has exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions in London, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the USA. Her work is held in private collections in the UK, France, Spain, USA and Australia. Ann’s work has been used to inspire students of all ages and has been the subject of GCCE art projects. She has participated in collaborative exhibitions with jazz musicians, poets, writers, architects and designers. Ann studied Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design and The City Lit London. She studied The Practices and Debates of Modern Art at the Open University and graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree. She has studied Museum Curating at The Tate Modern. Ann is a volunteer at the Heath Robinson Museum London where she is involved with organising and curating fund-raising Secret Art Sales and special exhibitions.
Bridget Sebastian
Bridget Sebastian is a colorist who works in vibrant colors to create a varied range of work from pure abstract to figurative work. The artist a scholarship student at the renowned Byam Shaw school of Art. The artist has exhibited at galleries throughout London. Online at
Website: /Bridget Sebastian
Jan Stevens  NAPA

Jan has paintings in private collections in London and Europe

Member of National Acrylics Painters Association (NAPA) and David Wiseman’s West London Artists

Selected for Exhibitions at Royal Watercolour Society Open at Bankside Gallery, NAPA Summer Show at Mariners Gallery St Ives and John Rank Gallery Chichester, Water Street Gallery Todmorden, Orleans Gallery, The Bowman Gallery Richmond.

Jan’s Conversation   

‘My early life experiences are incorporated in my abstract art. I am inspired by a love of golf, amazing views, river and coastal water environments, a quality-loving creative mother and a mathematical engineering fun father. Cornish raised, state-degree-educated, global business wise and South West London living all fuse to celebrate my creativity. As I continue enjoying my life, I find painting to be very freeing, momentary and healthy.

I use water based paints and prefer acrylic paint for its range of consistency.  I love the challenge of pouring paint creating movement. Then brush on solid shapes to create resting calmness giving a depth and floating sensation. My favourite colours are blues and greens, inspired by shades in water and landscapes which enhance our wellbeing.

I hope you enjoy my art’.