The activity pack include 5 different tasks about Living Things and their Habitats. Complete the activities and share your finding with us [email protected]  All necessary resources can be found below. 

Download Activity pack PDF here.


Leaf identification sheet

Tree Identification key

Identification guides: Our friends at Wildlife Trust have some excellent guides to help you identify the creature you find on you Bio Blitz.

Beetles, Butterflies, Caterpillars, Dragonflies, Ladybirds, Mini-beasts, Moths, Shieldbugs, Snails and Spiders

The Natural History Museum also have a fantastic guide.

Recording sheet (Bio-blitz)

Habitat Key

Common Bird Sound Clips: Blackbird(Clip), Black-headed gull(Clip), Chaffinch(Clip), Chiffchaff(Clip), Magpie(Clip), Robin(Clip), Wood Pigeon(Clip) and Wren(Clip)

For more Bird song clips visit the British Birdsong website.

Recording sheet (Sounds)

Common British wildlife

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