Legacy will

Environment Trust started over 35 years ago and with your generous help we will continue our work, educating and empowering people to improve and protect the environment far into the future.

By leaving us a gift in your Will, you will help us to continue our work preserving and improving the historic buildings, ancient monuments, conservation areas, historic gardens, open spaces, waterways, plants, wildlife and habitats that you love, for years to come.

However large or small your gift it will make a real and lasting difference.


You can leave us a share of your estate, a sum of money, or a specific item. Because we are a charity, the value of your gift will be deducted by HM Revenue and Customs from the value of your estate before any inheritance tax liability is calculated – so what might have had to be paid in tax can instead be diverted directly to ideas that can improve and conserve the environment.
Residuary gift - having made sure your family and friends receive exactly the percentage you want them, you may leave a
percentage of what is left to us.
Pecuniary gift - is a specified sum of money, which can be index linked to ensure it is not eroded by inflation.
Specific asset - sometimes people wish to leave us a specific item from their estate such as a painting, shares or property. We or your solicitor can advise you on the form of words that is appropriate.


Legacy, leaving a gift in your willMaking or changing your Will is easy. You can download our guide here, or you can talk to a solicitor to help you. The Law Society website has a search facility to help you find a local solicitor. You can also use a Will maker or use an online Will writing service.
You only need two things to include a gift to Environment Trust in your Will:

Our address – The ETNA centre, 13 Rosslyn Road, Twickenham TW1 2AR
Our Charity Number – 294869

However you choose to support Environment Trust, thank you.