News update - Canbury Gardens

Environment Trust is supporting LDA Design and Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in the consultation about the  Canbury Gardens Masterplan. 

A Masterplan Workshop was held at Canbury Gardens on Thursday 1st August and results of this consultation will be publicised when available.

*You can see the Masterplan and give your views up to 23rd August 2019 through this online consultation*

Background information:

Download May 2019 consultation results and more information about the development of the Masterplan

Kingston Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water

Location: Kingston upon Thames

Contact: Stephen James

The Environment Trust is helping local people and groups in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to develop and deliver Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water projects. We want to hear from residents and community organisations in Kingston to better understand the needs and priorities of those who live in the area. 

In partnership with the Royal Borough of Kingston and with South West London Environment Network (SWLEN), we work with local people to develop and seek funding for practical Green Infrastructure and energy conservation projects. We need your views to identify needs and potential for future projects. 

You are invited to have your say as the programme progresses and to join us in making things happen for local Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water.

See the results of our survey

How can I get involved now?

We are excited by the possibilities for improving the green infrastructure, energy and water efficiency in Kingston. There is a lot of work already going on and we are keen to engage with as many people as possible in Kingston's neighbourhoods. 

You can get involved by:

What will happen next?

We will use the outcome of the survey and wider conversations to come up with a clear set of proposals for practical projects, for further development with partners. 

How will the Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water programme help Kingston? There is fantastic local commitment to green infrastructure, energy and water issues and a huge amount of work already happening in Kingston. The programme can help groups and individuals make a reality of green infrastructure potential in Kingston's neighbourhoods.

You can work with us to develop and apply for funding for practical projects, e.g. for rain-harvesting or improving air quality. Projects may be small 'pathfinder' projects, designed to test ideas, or larger projects with substantial impact.

The main stages of the Kingston Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water programme will be:

  • Baseline survey - to assess needs and identify partners and the potential for practical projects
  • Community development - supporting neighbourhood Friends' groups
  • Developing practical projects - working with local people to develop projects and identify sources of funding.

Why now? What is the background to the Kingston Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water programme?

Following the London Plan 2016 call to set up the carbon offsetting fund in Kingston, the Environment Trust was asked to work with the Royal Borough of Kingston to build community capacity and do initial baseline work around private and public sites with the potential for green infrastructure, water conservation, energy conservation and energy generation from renewables.

We aim to gather community support for the benefits of green infrastructure by the end of August 2019.

What is Green Infrastructure and what does the Kingston programme involve?

Green infrastructure can be defined as: A network of green spaces - and features such as street trees and green roofs - that is planned, designed and managed to provide a range of benefits, including: recreation and amenity, healthy living, reducing flooding, improving air quality, cooling the urban environment, encouraging walking and cycling, and enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience.

The Kingston Green Infrastructure Programme will also include work on water efficiency and decentralised energy (locally generated electricity), district energy (e.g. centralised heating for a housing estate) and energy conservation. The Environment Trust will work with local people to develop and seek funding for projects to demonstrate and progress various aspects of green infrastructure:

  • water friendly solutions in private and public open spaces such as green roofs, storm ponds, sustainable urban drainages, rain harvesting systems and permeable cycle lanes
  • people using less water from the main for uses other than drinking, personal hygiene and cooking
  • connected and rich in biodiversity green infrastructure such as green corridors, tree lined pedestrianised roads, riparian river vegetation, wildlife overpasses over large road links like the A3 and many more. 
  • opportunities reducing people’s exposure to poor air quality such as vegetated cycle lanes, strategically placed and maintained species-rich hedgerows and stone walls
  • decentralised energy networks and smart energy systems reducing people’s vulnerability to energy security fluctuations - this aspect will be handled through input to local environmental policy.

Our programme will involve local people and organisations in creating practical green infrastructure, energy and water projects, e.g. through local Friends' groups, as well as input to local and regional policy.

Printer-friendly information about the Environment Trust's Kingston Green Infrastructure Programme

Presentation to Saheli group 23rd March 2019

Royal Borough of Kingston:   Planning and Sustainability documents

Royal Borough of Kingston:    Environmental Management Plan 2018 - 2023

Decentralised energy: Decentralised energy powering a sustainable future

Smart energy - more than smart meters:

District energy, district heating:

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Royal Borough of Kingston: Public Health 2017 Report launch 21st June 2018

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