Kingston Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water

Location: Kingston upon Thames

Contact: Stephen James

The Environment Trust is helping local people and groups in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to develop and deliver Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water projects. We are working with residents and community organisations in Kingston to better understand the needs and priorities of those who live in the area and to develop green infrastructure.

R. B. Kingston wrote to us: "The council is taking a new approach to community involvement in tree planting and maintenance. We want to involve residents more in tree planting decisions and enable them to take ownership of tree selection and care in their streets and parks. We will soon be piloting a tree wardens scheme to give interested residents and groups the opportunity to get more involved in the planting and maintenance of trees. This scheme will be reviewed and developed ongoing and will allow residents to get involved by:
  • raising funds to ‘sponsor a tree’
  • identifying areas for new trees
  • organising local community tree planting projects
  • having input into species selection and planting locations
  • helping to plant and care for trees
  • watering young trees
  • monitoring and reporting disease, decay or vandalism"
See link above for more information and the contact for R. B. Kingston.


* LOOKING AFTER OUR GREEN SPACES. R.B.Kingston wrote about their consultation on management of green spaces: “In Kingston we want attractive and accessible green spaces that benefit the environment, as well as the health and well being of Kingston’s residents and visitors. Kingston Council’s current contract arrangements for the management of green spaces and trees ends in 2021. This is an excellent opportunity for us to take stock and think about future needs; what works, what doesn’t and what we might change going forward. Take our survey, tell us your stories and give us your ideas!”

 Take R B Kingston’s Survey survey:

* WINTER TREE PLANTING Have your say about street trees and tree planting in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames! Read about Winter tree planting for 2019/20 and say where you would like to see trees planted and which are your favourites here:

How can I get involved now?

We keen to engage with as many people as possible in Kingston's neighbourhoods. 

You can get involved by:

Our priorities up to 31 March 2020

  • Organise and facilitate engagement workshops to support the recommissioning of the Royal Borough's green spaces management contract.

  • Engagement activities in wayside gardens - the small green spaces in suburban streets

  • Promotion of the new tree wardens scheme 

  • Facilitate works that fall outside of grounds maintenance contract working with the community - for example, in areas along the Hogsmill river
  • Identify sites or locations within the Borough without active community involvement.  Seek projects that meet the needs of that community and drive future involvement.

  • Work with established community and friends groups to identify activities or management techniques that would improve the conservation value and biodiversity at the sites

Links and further information

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Canbury Gardens

In 2019 Environment Trust supported LDA Design and Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in the consultation about the  Canbury Gardens Masterplan. This work was supported partly by the Kingston Green Infrastructure, Energy and Water project

*You can see the draft Masterplan here*

Background information:

Download August 2019 consultation results

Download May 2019 consultation results and more information about the development of the Masterplan