Charity fundraiser marathonThere are many ways that you can support our work, whether you become a member make a donation support one of our appeals or raise money yourself to support us.

It’s easy to do, you can set up a fundraising page on our site (just contact us if you need help doing that), tell people what you’re doing, give them the link to our site and they can then donate money online as well as you collecting donations yourself.

It’s fun, easy and rewarding. Here are a few ideas to get you started. If you come up with other ideas yourself we’ll add them to the list to inspire others.

  • Fundraising book saleBake some cakes and hold an afternoon tea party in return for donations.
  • Book sale. Collect donations of books from friends, work colleagues, family and hold a sale.
  • Bungee jump. Go on, you know you want to!
  • Car wash. Charge to wash people’s cars (or cycles)
  • Dinner party. Invite friends to a dinner party and collect donations for us.
  • Endurance events. 12 or 24 hours of ice skating, knitting, silence or whatever else you think you could manage.
  • Environmental ‘fines’. You can do this at home or at work. Every time that someone leaves a light or computer on unnecessarily or doesn’t recycle something they could they pay a ‘fine’.
  • Running, cycling or walking. Either for your own challenge or in an organised event and collect sponsorship.
  • Sporting event. Organise a football match, or other sporting event and collect donations or sell tickets.

Contact [email protected] for further information or see our Create a fundraiser.