The Duke of Edinburgh's award has inspired and transformed the lives of millions of young people from all walks of life. The Environment Trust offers young people doing their award, an opportunity to volunteer in the field doing nature conservation.

During your volunteering sessions our Nature Conservation Manager will explain why they are doing each activity and will show them outside examples of subjects that they may be learning in school such as: 

  • Duke of Edinburgh nature conservation volunteeringCompetition amongst flora/fauna - non-native and native invasive species 
  • Adaptation of organisms to survive in an ecological niche or habitat  
  • The human impact on the environment
  • Pollution  
  • Pest and plant diseases
  • Habitat loss & endangered species - biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • Detritus and decomposition  

Young people will also:

  • Make a difference to their environment and understand why it matters
  • Learn practical conservation skills
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Meet new friends

A compelling body of evidence now shows the health and well-being benefits to young people of contact with nature. 

Our volunteer sessions have become very popular but as we receive no funding for this work we can only work with a limited number of young people and sadly have many on a wait list that will be disappointed. With funding we could take on an assistant to help our Conservation Manager, allowing us to expand the programme.

Please support us and open nature conservation volunteering opportunities up to more of our young people.

Thank you.