Hooray, it's the first day of December the countdown to Christmas has begun!

Maybe you and your family are about to put up you decorations. Why not help wildlife at the same time and make our bird friendly wreath?

It's simple to make and beneficial to the birds, as at this time of year food sources are scarce.

After Christmas leave out your wreath for birds to feed on the pine cones and berries, or why not try hanging your wreath somewhere more accessible to birds as they might not want to come knocking on your door.

Try to avoid cutting berries off a holly bush. We saved some cuttings from a local holly bush that sadly need to be removed. Come and help yourself to add to your bird friendly wreath (found in front of the shed in the car park at our offices - ETNA Centre, East Twickenham). 

Click the image to download as a PDF. 

We hope you enjoy today's activity and don't forget to share your creations with us on social media!

@environmenttrust  and @ET_Conservation

Send this calendar to friends and stay tuned for fun facts behind tomorrow's door! 

A special thank you to our Advent Calendar Sponsor Be Richmond.

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