Evie Bissell is in her 60s and has been volunteering at Environment Trust for two years, working with the events team both in the office and out at events. One of the projects she is working on is Environment Trust’s second Plant Sale which is taking place at the Grade II listed Kilmorey Mausoleum in St Margarets on 28th April 2019.

This is a fundraising day for all the family with a selection of plants for sale that will encourage and sustain local wildlife, plus the opportunity to take a free tour of the beautiful mausoleum.

Evie first heard about the volunteer opportunities at Environment Trust through a colleague whilst working in the planning office at Richmond Council. With a keen interest in building conservation and her local environment Evie thought it might well be something that would interest her.

Evie explains, “Whilst I’ve been involved with lots of committees, I’ve never volunteered before but after some thought I decided to go along for the interview. I knew I didn’t want to do certain things like selling raffle tickets and wanted to use some of the skills I had developed whilst working.

“It was decided that I would be suited to working with the events team, because I like organising things and people. I think this plays to my strengths. I usually go into the office once a week on a Tuesday but this is flexible and sometimes I work at home on charity projects.”

Evie works closely with Events Officer, Lucia Pekarova and enjoys volunteering because of the variety and the different events she gets involved with.

She says, “I enjoy working with Lucia. I think I’m a useful sounding board for her to bounce ideas off and I’m always willing to help out in whatever way I can. This could be transporting trestle tables to an event in my old people carrier or hand writing hundreds of compliment slips to add that personal touch.

“It was great being involved with the Plant Sale project from the start too and ensuring it was a successful fundraising event. I worked over two days helping set everything up and throughout the day. It was a lovely day out for everyone that attended and I’m really looking forward to the second sale in April.

“Environment Trust is a wonderful local charity doing lots of fantastic work. I’m delighted to be one of their volunteers. Its every rewarding and I get great satisfaction knowing that I’m helping improve the area in which I live,” adds Evie.