Axel Scheffler's work features in our 2020 Art Auction. We spoke to him about why he is a Patron and why he supports the work of the Trust

Why do you support Environment Trust?

The Trust asked me to be their patron some time ago, and I agreed because I think it's important to look after nature and history in one's immediate surroundings as much as possible, as well as raising awareness about local conservation issues.

What do you do to care for the local environment?

I suppose my main contribution at the moment is to do fund raising events for the Environment Trust

Do you have a favourite historic building in South West London?

I like Ham House.

Lots of your illustrations feature the great outdoors. Does the local area inspire you?

It is nice to have the great open space of Richmond Park nearby and to see animals there - but they never appear directly in my work. When I have to draw a deer I would still look in a reference book or at google rather than go to sketch one in the park.

Have you ever spotted the Gruffalo in Richmond Park?

Somehow I doubt there are any. The woods in the park are lovely, but I don't think they are deep or dark enough for a Gruffalo habitat.