Another incredibly productive and fun day was had at Fishponds this past Saturday, 19th of January with our fabulous Duke of Edinburgh volunteers!

We were both amazed and distrubed at the amount of litter and general household waste found in the shrubs at Fishponds. After the hedges on the SW corner of the park were cut, we were determined to clean up as much as we could find and swept in like a clan of garbage-picking superheroes.

We found the MOST random items, of which were a folding chair (the kind one takes camping), a fire extinguisher, a group of still living and potted plants, and a TV, including an X-box controller. It looks like someone was trying to setup shop in the park, and forgot to pack up the makeshift living room after they left!

The crew was hard at it, fishing out items lodged in between trees, in the hedges, and under bramble recently cut.

While some of the volunteers were cleaning up the park, others were doing a great job finishing the rose beds- carefully edging, creating a path for walkers, and removing old roots and new shoots from Ash trees and other unwanted species. The job looked as if done by professional horticulturalists and we could NOT be more proud!

Thank you so very much to our volunteers, as always, and we look forward to the next one!

Stay wild everyone.