The War Memorial Gardens in central Kingston hosts the Remembrance Sunday service - so Young Place Shapers leant a hand to get the gardens ready to welcome its important visitors.

We were delighted to be joined by volunteers from the Challenge's graduate programme, HeadStart, who worked hard as part of our crack, elite team on Friday 28 October.

Happily the sun shone as we worked and we collected numerous bags of green waste from the raised beds. We left them looking much clearer and giving individual plants a chance to flourish. We also planted some bedding plants to supplement what is already there.

We also spent plenty of time sweeping and clearing litter which was a positive thing to do - but it seems a shame that people don't treat a lovely oasis of calm in the busy shopping area with a bit more love.

The idverde/ Quadron team were as helpful as ever, supplying us with tools, expert advice and moral support during the day. 

Thanks to all our volunteers for giving their time to make a big change in a few short hours.