Helping Hedgehogs - Wildlife Conservation

The UK’s hedgehog is under threat. Over the past decade alone we have lost over half our rural hedgehogs and approximately a third of our urban hedgehogs. But those of us living in urban and suburban areas can help to reverse the decline to help save this iconic species. Read more

Six reasons to BAG and Bin dog poo!

No one likes treading in dog poo, but here are others reasons why it is important to bag and bin dog poo. Read more ... Read more

Please do not feed waterfowl bread

Feeding bread to ducks or other waterfowl is not only harming the birds but polluting our waterways. Bread is a carbohydrate and if wildfowl eat too much it can lead to obesity. Bread offers little nutritional value and so it they eat that instead of a natural balanced diet, it can lead to malnutrition. Read more