Doing my bit for the environment- Priya Tang

Priya is 16 years old and from Kingston. She is one of our younger volunteers and wanted to 'do her bit' for the environment during her summer holidays. Read more

Endangered Species Day - how you can help protect bees

On May 17th it is Endangered Species Day, which is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and the everyday actions they can take to help protect species at risk, such as bees. Read more

Shelagh Laing – Fresh air, friends and learning to grow fruit and veg

Shelagh Laing from Twickenham has been volunteering at Environment Trust for over five years, working on the Kitchen Garden Project at Marble Hill Park in Twickenham. Read more

Introducing our new Nature Conservation Manager

Welcome to Francesca Batt, whos role involves developing our green projects for volunteers, schools and local communities. Read more