Three Men in a Boathouse

A potted history of Poulett Lodge, Twickenham, by volunteer Anne Logie Read more

Meet the Trust's very own Star Baker!

As a keen and very accomplished baker, our new volunteer, Natasha, baked some delicious cakes for our recent Plant Sale at Kilmorey Mausoleum and ran the cake stand. Natasha feels passionately about the environment and was keen to work with us on our projects that make a difference locally. Read more

Spring at the Kitchen Garden in Marble Hill Park

Spring at the Kitchen Garden is for preparing, sowing, planting and welcoming an increasing number of visitors. Ten dedicated volunteers keep the garden in good order and ready for a busy year of food production. The day nurseries Brilliant Play and Mandarin Ducklings are regular contributors to the gardening project and the children and parents bring fresh interest and ideas each week. Read more

Saving energy and water with Saheli

23 March 2019. We were delighted to be invited by Malti from the Saheli group to talk about saving energy and water at home. Twenty five women from South Asia discussed a wide range of issues from lightbulbs and kettles to aviation and climate change. Read more

Don't Forget Mother's Day - 31st March/12th May/ 8th August/ ???

Mother’s Day may be a moveable feast, but at least these days it only happens once a year! Early in the twentieth century there were several options... Volunteer, Anne Logie, explains in her blog post. Read more

Hanworth Air Park Talk at Edward Pauling House

Environment Trust loved sharing the history of Hanworth Air Park with the residents of Edward Pauling House as part of the Borough of Hounslow's 60+ Activity Programme on Monday 4th February 2019 Read more

Chitting potatoes at the Kitchen Garden in Marble Hill Park

Volunteers at the Kitchen Garden in Marble Hill Park brought in potatoes for chitting ('chit' means seed or sprout). The seed potatoes will keep warm and dry in the shed for a few weeks and they will begin to sprout before being planted out in the garden. Read more

Visiting the River Crane with volunteers

Volunteers from the Kitchen Garden in Marble Hill Park visited an allotment and sites on the River Crane during the quieter winter weeks at the garden. Alison Horwood and Alan Charles kindly offered to be our guides. Read more

Sparrowhawks and Sycamores

The aim of the conservation volunteering day was to help tackle the masses of self seeded sycamores that can potentially overtake the woodland dramatically reducing the ability of the woodland to support wildlife. Read more