Alison and Alan were amongst the earliest volunteers at the Kitchen Garden in Marble Hill Park, then known as the 'Model Market Garden' in recognition of the history of market gardening in South West London. More recently they have been very active in Force and they took time to show volunteers the work that has been going on to improve wildlife habitat on the River Crane. They are involved in Citizen Crane, an initiative to monitor and improve water quality. Challenges for the river include illegal misconnections by householders or housing developers and over-flow from sinks used at Heathrow airport for run-off that can include anti-freeze. Volunteers have made modifications to the river and the banks such as installing kingfisher banks, laying hedges, clearing invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam, building river deflectors to create diversity in depth and flow for the benefit of fish and other wildlife, building stag-beetle loggeries and planting native species at the margins of the river and ponds. There is an impressive collection of benches, carved to celebrate local wildlife - foxes, dragonflies, kingfishers. We only saw a small stretch of the river, from Kneller Gardens up to the Shot Tower. We also enjoyed visiting Alison and Alan's allotment at Meadway and seeing the preparations they are making like us for an exciting new year of growing.