23 March 2019. We were delighted to be invited by Malti from the Saheli group to talk about saving energy and water at home. Twenty five women from South Asia discussed a wide range of issues from lightbulbs and radiators to aviation and climate change. Saheli meets on Saturdays for learning, socialising and celebration for women from across South West London. Our presentation was part of an occasional series on environmental issues. The group has already held a meeting about waste and recycling. By co-incidence the date was in the same week as a warning from the Environment Agency that England could face water shortages 'within twenty five years' due to climate change. Water used in the home accounts for more than half of all public water supply use and millions of small changes can make a big change to national water use. The same can be said for carbon emissions - replacing all inefficient lightbulbs saves money for a single household but whole towns doing the same makes a big difference. 

Another co-incidence was the festival of Holi, one of the greatest festivals in India. At the suggestion of the audience Malti told me the story behind the festival, which symbolises good will and respect at spring harvest time. The afternoon concluded with singing, dancing and a most delicious meal. 

I made the presentation as part of our work with Kingston Green Infrastructure Energy and Water . I am grateful to Malti, Saheli and Kingston Voluntary Action who made the link between us.