Environment Trust was delighted to share its research on Hanworth Air Park with the residents of Edward Pauling House, as part of our project funded by the Heathrow Community Fund.


Our two volunteers, Anne Logie and Laura Polglase, took the residents through the history of the site, covering its origins as a manufacturer of Sopwith Pups to its glamorous heyday when the Graf Zeppelin visited in 1930. We took along maps of the area from the 1930s, '40s and '50s to show how Feltham had changed, and explained how some of the roads and pubs had got their names from the air park.

As many members of the audience were lifelong residents of Hanworth and Feltham they were able to share their memories of the air park, and of Hanworth Park House too. One person even remembered visiting her grandmother at the house, after it had been converted into a nursing home in the '50s!

We had a great time at Edward Pauling House - it was wonderful to be able to share our research on the air park, and to learn even more from the residents. 

You can find out more about our project and read about the history of Hanworth Air Park at our online Exhibition: Hanworth Air Park 1916 - 1955