Corporate volunteering CISCOn the 3rd August 2018, thirty five dedicated and energetic apprentices and two leaders from CISCO showed their commitment to giving back by joining us at the Kitchen Garden in Marble Hill Park for a day of painting the shed and fence, fixing raised beds, watering, weeding and raking on a very hot day. See more photos.

The Kitchen Garden is a celebration of the market gardening history of the local area as well as a centre for local people of all ages to enjoy growing food -  much of the garden produce goes to park visitors in return for donations. The Environment Trust manages the garden by agreement with English Heritage, who own the park and house and support this popular community initiative.  The Kitchen Garden was laid out in 2013 and CISCO offered a great opportunity to help us maintain the shed, fence and raised beds. With most of our time going into gardening and harvesting we are really grateful for this much needed attention to the structures that make the whole project possible.

Thank you to Carlene, Ellie and Nadia from CISCO for organising the group and thanks to all the hard-working CISCO staff!